Day 34, Eguchi to Tokushima




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Dad’s last full day in the van today which is very sad for me, has been awesome to have him with me and we both want to say a HUGE thanks to my sister Amber for having the idea and buying the ticket to fly dad here. Thank you so much Amber, Jonny and the kids.

So I fitted dad out with a t-shirt as he is always a huge part of my team and keeps me going.

We headed off at 8am again and I did 56kms today as well, not sure why but I didn’t make a very good job with my plan, the distances are about 5 kms longer each day than I planned, yes I know it doesn’t sound much but over a week its another marathon I will have run. Haha my own fault.


Today first up it was cloudy but the sun burnt through and the sun was out, it and the follow wind I had made for some awesome clouds.



Just before lunch which I have at 30kms I got dad to come for a jog with me for a little bit. Dad put on the CHOP hat and we crusied up the road, the Brown boys running Japan together, would have never thought it would happen.


I felt a bit slow and down for the first few hours but got the iPod out and the tunes going picked me up and I was back. Such a little thing but just takes my mind of what I’m doing and puts me in my happy place. More shots of the sky that I was loving today.




Noyuri had been busy sorting the hotels out for us with Nahomi and we had an awesome hotel for Dad’s last night.

We all went out for dinner and had Yakitori, which is meat and veggies on a stick. Super yummy and a beer to wash it down was just perfect.

Huge thanks to Hide and Aki for coming all this way to support us and for all the networking you both have done . These runs don’t work by one person running, lots of people coming together and just talking and telling a few people makes for something special. I tell you one thing it is always the little people, super close friends and family that do the most too, the big companies no matter how hard they try they just don’t seem to match it. It’s awesome to see. Thank you all.


Dad is off tomorrow back to NZ, going to miss him at my rest stops and just to chill with him at night.

Here is todays run map   Click Here

One thought on “Day 34, Eguchi to Tokushima

  1. So great to see you and Ron having another awesome adventure together! It’s so fantastic he could be there – great work Amber!

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