Day 31, Innoshima to Imabari






Today was a big day and I ran 60kms and went over 5 islands. It was a fun day as we followed a track which connects all the islands for 75kms i think it all is. It is a great course for riding your bike along and just spending the day out. Great for the whole family, no real hard bits or hills at all. The bridges are anywhere from 300m to 6kms long. Here are a few shots .




I was out there for just under 9 hrs with all the breaks included and saw a few funny things along the way.A couple of the maps that you find along the way on each island.



I ran into this lady who is 65yrs old and have a listen to this, she is running right around every island in Japan, she has run almost 8000kms already and still going, she runs 40kms a day. amazing.

A couple more shots of the day, one here of a school, they dont have grass here. There is a kiwi guy living in japan who is growing grass and trying to get the school to buy it, bloody great idea.




Last night I went and picked up Nahomi, she had read about our run in the newspaper and bused up here to run with me, Pretty cool aye. We set out this morning and she ran 27kms. a great effort as she is only getting back into running.


I met a few others today too, lots of people out on their bikes and we past and got past by the same people heaps.This man on the right photo I met on the last bridge and as we were talking he rang and hooked us up a hotel for the night. One reason I dont book ahead as I like to see what will come out of the day.


The end of the day came and we finished at the Imabari Castle. A beautiful place. I think Rick would be proud of this last shot I got.


Dad was all over it today, He was on and off the expressway and driving all over the place finding us. Its a huge help having the van, Was a bit tricky today as we changed island so much but he was awesome. Cheers bro.

We are now on Shikoku which is a big island just off the side of Honshu the main land. We will be running here for the next 5 days heading towards Osaka.

Here is the map of todays run       Click here

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