Day 29, Kuragahama to Takehara






Even though it was a busy night I had a great rest to then wake to a huge breakie that Mrs Kitano had made for us, They made me and dad feel so welcome and I can’t thank everyone so much, HUGE Arigatou to Yoyo back in Wanaka NZ for sorting it out we stay with her family, wish you had have been here but next time ok. Your family are wonderful. Arigatou!!!!


We headed off at 8am and just up the road Yuuzo who had joined me yesterday came running down the road, He told us there was this Submarine just down the road so we ran past and had a look, damn they are big machines.


Yuuzo had told a heap of his work mates and friends and for over half the day we had people joining us and dropping by to say hi, Such a great day, I was running again and feeling good and to have so much support I was back in the super happy place I want to be in. This is why I do these runs, I love the people and everyone coming together . Thankyou so so much for the last 2 days. Awesome fun. Dad even got to go on a little date with Tomoko while they were waiting on us to arrive.



We ran mostly along side the water and there were thousands of these shells along the way, Some other views from the day, It was a pretty narrow road at some times and that gave dad a few things to think about, First day in the drivers seat in a new country and not knowing at all where he was heading, he did so well, awesome to have him here with me and to have the van makes it more fun for me too.





Here is dad chilling waiting for me,

We all had lunch with about 16kms to go then I said good bye and headed off to finish the day. I ran 49kms today and only walked about 4 of it so a great comeback . Back is a little stiff now but a stretch and a big sleep will sort that out.

I also met a few people along the road, these 2 I think from Canada were off to cycle for the Holiday week, great to chat to them, we are heading along the same track so might see them tomorrow too.



I have been enjoying receiving a few things along the way to take to the people of Tohoku , I also have got a couple for myself, This Black one is from the awesome team at Outland Japan who are putting in so much effort to help me out, translating my blog and organizing events and partys . makes a huge difference and is much more fun, thank you Outland team.

ALso Tomoko who I met today gave me these gators  to stop the stones going in my shoes, Awesome design aye.


Also here i a couple of the message boards that I have been given to take north, SO much work goes into these, beautiful and full of love and support, AWESOME!!!!


A great day and was finished by 4.15 which is a good 2 hours earlier than the last 10 days and we had a heap of stops along the way, big lunch and just cruised, Hope tomorrow will be the same, going over a few islands and bridges which I think we be amazing views, Hoep dad doesn’t get lost , haha.

Here is the map of todays run

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