Day 28, Yuki to Kuragahama






A big day again but the sun was out . I had a big day ahead not just in the running area but I had to pick up the van and then dad was arriving from NZ.

I headed off on this 56km day at 6.45am as I wanted to have enough time at the other end to get everything done.I arrived at 5.45pm, long day but a good one. The views were awesome again for the start until I got down the hill where the city of Hiroshima started  then it was just another city in Looks.



I have really enjoyed the last 5 days of the run, I will be coming back to a few of these places to chill out as they are just so beautiful.

Into Hiroshima I went and was missing the quite and no cars feeling straight away.



As I was going along this friendly man popped his head out of a bike shop I was looking in the window of and offered to pump up my tires, he had seen me this morning . Super nice of him, the buggy needed a little air to. run a lot better. Cheers bro!!

I found this little gold man today, Awesome aye. And for the flower lovers out there I found this one today.


Then as I had about 10kms to go Yuuzo san came running toward me and waving “hi Jup”, I was like hi bro who are ya? he had heard from a mate in tokyo that I was coming past and come to join me . Such great timing, I was pretty tired and well a little bored of myself, haha needed a good chat . Yuuzo san has been training for a 250km race that he will try, huge aye. thats crazier than this run , at least I get to rest every night , he has to run straight for 48 hrs,. He even pushed my buggy for me, well he wanted to have a go. I wasn’t going to stop him haha


Awesome sunset again and a great spot right on the water to be finishing another great day.


I had left the van here back at the end of March  and we went up and picked it up tonight . Mr Kitano who is Yoyo’s dad ( yoyo is living and working in Wanaka ) well her dad lives right near to where I was finishing today and me and dad would be staying there tonight. We went and I had a shower and Mrs Kitano had made a sweet dinner of sushi and pasta, A really nice family who made me feel right at home straight away. Cant beat the feeling, especially when you dont know someone but they go out of their way for you. We then went and meet the Tokurana family and it was like coming home, I had only meet them for about 2 hrs last time but they welcomed me back with smiles and hugs, such a great feeling, Mr T had given the van a clean and mum had a coffee and cake waiting, awesome, I was not happy I had to go so fast but we had to get to the station as My dad Ron was arriving by Shinkansen ( Bullet Train) . Thankyou so so much for looking after the van and receiving all my gear that got sent to your house. Sorry for that but thanks millions, xxxx

My awesome friend Aya from Osaka had taken the day off work and was able to go met dad at the airport and get him to the train. Didnt want him to get lost . Aya had made this great sign for dad which is was stoked to see after a long flight into a new land. Dad was in Japan about 24 yrs ago right before I first came.



A Huge thanks to you Aya for looking after dad, he wanted you to come with him . Cant wait to catch up when I get to Osaka in about 10 days, Once dad arrived we were straight back to Kitano sans house for a quick hi before we hit the bed, No holiday tomorrow and dads first day driving, No buggy tomorrow which will make a change, Kinda really want to keep pushing it as it is a eye catcher but want my back to come right first and well kinda just want to be free and swing my arms for a change. I feel so light without it.

Here is the map of today’s run

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