Day 27, Hikimi to Yuki (Hiroshima prefecture)






After a great day off with the locals and my dear friends of Hikimi I was packed and ready to go, Everyone came to say goodbye which is always sad here cause we are so close but Ill be back soon as. The Principal came around and gave me a photo of me and kids from yesterday and a sheet with a lot of messages from the kids, So so awesome of them to write these. Thankyou so much everyone.


The Kono’s came with me for the first 5 mms which was great. Hikimi and Shimane put on the weather as you can see. I was heading into the deep bush/ hills and the views were amazing.



I was walking up or down today, The road went over 2 passes and well the climbs weren’t to bad but the downs went on for ever. I didnt think I had climbed that much . I was walking along and saw this snake, jumped at first to then find it was dead.

Yesterday we were trying to find me a road to run as the start of the 488 was blocked by a slip. Google maps didnt have the road I went on today so I was given this map to follow, everyone was worried I would get lost, not a lot of cars go over the road I took. I didnt see a car for 2 hrs, it was great.


The other thing everyone was worried about was Bears, yep they are around here and a lot on the road I took. But I didnt get to see any, probably a good thing. I also found this cave man on a work truck I pasted.


then i was into the hills, along side a river the whole day, I took so many shots and hard to choose which one to put up, if you ever want a great ride on a bike or drive Route 488 from Hikimi to Yuki is amazing.





I even found a little snow,



Yeah ok i had to put in a couple of shots, Oh I had a little run today, just to check the back , it is getting better. I took lots of video and are going to try and make a short clip.


I meet a few people out there today, but not heaps as i was where there weren’t houses. just me the hills and the river.


I did 50kms today and found a great hotel with a Onsen in it here in Yuki. Getting excited as dad is here tomorrow, I talked to him today and he is excited too, will be the last day with the buggy tomorrow for a while which will be good too. hope to runs  bit more without it. I head into the big city of Hiroshima tomorrow, really looking forward to this week and when I get my next holiday I will be in Kobe, look on the map and we are making huge ways forward.

Here is the map of todays run, I had to run a little different to this but Google maps didnt know the road.

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