Day 26, Day off in Hikimi -Shimane prefecture.






Wow awesome to have a sleep in well until 8am but no rush to go anywhere. Had a feed and I was off as I had a kinda busy day ahead. I had a interview with a newspaper at 10am which was great and then had to be at the Hikimi Jnr High School by 11.30 , I had a chat to the principal and  then at 12.10 I got to met with the 26 students there. They were pretty quite at the start and once I started talking about what I was up to they came alive. They were great and had a few questions for me which makes it fun. The dreads are one huge thing everyone wants to know about, nothing to do with the run.

Thankyou so much to Konno San for organizing it all and to the teachers and students for having me. I really enjoyed it. So sorry i couldn’t stay a bit longer.




While I was there a local cable TV guy was there shooting some film and then we did a bit of a interview by the river and then I was off to have a massage/acupuncture treatment which Kyoko san had sorted for me . Got a couple of needles into my back to try and release the muscles, feels a bit better. Thankyou so much . It was in a temple which was awesome, real old.


Then I had a quick lunch at 3pm to then go and met another Newspaper/magazine for a interview, I have been very lucky and lots of newspapers have taken interest which helps me a lot.

Then I got to go and see my host dad and we went to say hi to my host mum Yoko who passed away 2 yrs ago. I was here when she died but haven’t been back since. Was a bit sad as she was a super awesome lady. I miss her and my dad misses her so much. They have been my Japanese mum and dad since I was 16 so lots of feelings here.

Then we went for dinner and had ramen which was great . Great to just chill and chat to him. He was telling me off a bit for the road that I plan to run/walk tomorrow, not the best one he thinks but the shortest and thats what I need. On the way to dinner the sun was going down and the trees and views of the same place I came from yesterday but as you can see the reflections of the sun make it so much more beautiful.



SO a great day and lots achieved. Got a bit of a hard next 2 days as my dad Ron is coming over from NZ and Im trying to sort out how to get to him and then get him to Hiroshima. Should be fun when he gets here.

I have had awesome support from so many companies and people and one Kidzania who are in Tokyo and Osaka are going out of their way to make a couple of events for when I come pasted. So great to have this kind of support. Cory who I met and have been sorting things out with has been amazing and can’t say thanks enough bro, They have made up these flyers for the Osaka event . Any one out there who is in Osaka on the 7th May and have kids been them down to Kidzania and lets have some fun.

I got a copy of a newspaper I got in in Nakatsu today so will put it up. In Japanese but just to show you, I can’t read it either . I did a radio interview there to but are not sure how to get that up here . will sort it out.

Big sleep tonight and I think it will be a huge day tomorrow, Im thinking it will be at least 60kms and thats a long long day walking. Ill be doing it with a smile on some how so if you got time got me a email so I have something to read along the way. Thanks heaps everyone

2 thoughts on “Day 26, Day off in Hikimi -Shimane prefecture.

  1. 初めまして、こんにちは!

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