Day 25, Masuda to Hikimi






The last day before I could get a rest and to finish off a huge week of walking , yes Im sorry I had to walk this week but I made everyday and had a couple of big ones too, I did a 61km day remember. Well today I only had 39kms from Masuda to Hikimi and well it still took me 8 hrs but it wasn’t to bad, No hills and the weather was overcast but warm so all sweet. Along the way I met a couple of new friends.


I was heading back to one of the first places I ever came to in Japan ,Hikimi. HIkimi is the sister city to my home town Wanaka and is very special to me . I have been coming here since I was 16 and my host family have looked after me all that time like I are their own kid. Awesome to have that anywhere in the world. Hikimi is in the middle of Shimane prefecture and is so beautiful. This river ran the whole way with me today and I hope the photos can do it justice. So many different looks and places to see .





I meet a lot of people today and managed to get a couple of shots . here on the left is Yayoi san and the couple is my great friends and host for tonight the Konno family. Great to see them again .


Just as I was finishing it was starting to rain but I made it indoors in time . My host dad Terao san had come to see and check on me twice today and then at the end him, Kyoko , Konno  and Saito san where all there to welcome me into Hikimi. Thankyou so much. Then I was off to the Osen for a bath and relax. It is a awesome Osen and just what I need after this week of walking . My feet have taken a beating just from the long hours it has taken to walk the Kms but they are still going strong. Nothing a good sleep and rest won’t fix.

Then my extended Hikimi family all came out for dinner . So nice to see everyone again. I also got to meet these ladies on the next table who were super friendly and dropped in some donations too. One of the ladies family house which was in Ishinomaki which is where the tsunami hit big time. She lost 5 family members, the house and everything. She showed me  photos and it is just amazing to see what happened. We talked for bait and she made a call to a mate there and we will met up when I get that way. Huge thanks to my dad here in Hikimi Terao san and everyone for coming along . So good to be home. xx


Tomorrow is my day off but Konno san has sorted a few things for me. I will be going to the local Jnr high school to meet the kids and the Tv is coming to film it so that will be fun. Also just found out I have a massage, Yahooo!!!!!!! arigatou Kyoko san. Then going to pay my regards to my Host mum who passed away 2 yrs ago. She was so awesome.

So another good day , oh shit yeah I passed the 1000km mark today , YAHOO!!!!!!!! I have now run/walked 1029kms. Thats a 1/4 of the way . Big thanks to everyone who helped me get this far and are with me all the way. I know it will get bigger and better from here on. Please keep spreading the word and come join me if I come your way. Dont be shy, come say hello.

Nite all

Map of todays run

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