Day 24, Hagi to Masuda






With a huge day ahead of me I woke to the sun beaming in which was a great start. I had to go 10kms more than I had planned as the place where I thought I could stop well there was nothing there. Just a bus top, haha made me laugh when I found that out.

So I left Hagi at 7am because I thought that this could be at least 12 hrs on the road and it was 13 by the time I found a hotel as they were all booked out and I have to walk another 2kms to get to it.

I got to the hotel at 8pm and it was a 61kms day, now thats walking the whole time with 15 mins for lunch, I had pretty sore legs by the end but I was happy as I pushed though it and kept smiling .  The views along the way were so awesome today check these out.



I ran along side the water for 3/4 of the day and the rest was in tunnels and climbing little long hills. I found a couple of shines and one house that natural is taking back ,I love how what ever we build or do natural with smash it, We are lucky it does but still we look after our world.



I found these reflectors today that are on the road and they have a little wind powered spiner that has bushes on it and it keeps the reflectors clean, I didn’t see these in NZ.


I got to meet a few people along the way but no one wanted a photo taken but right near the end of the day I met this smiling bus driver, he was super friendly . thanks bro

I had a super Ton katsu lunch which powered me up, As the day went on I saw more great views and a sweet sunset. I also went from Yamaguchi prefecture to Shimane today.



I have  one more day heading inland towards Hiroshima to Hikimi which is where I first went when I was 16. Hikimi is the sister city to my home town Wanaka in NZ. I can’t wait to get there and see everyone, It is a special place to me and super beautiful. It was been a huge week of walking but the back is feeling a lot better so I hope in a few days Ill be running again, I so can’t wait I tell you.  will give me more time to go find fun things to do and have more exciting things to tell you about , So sorry just got no time left in the day by the time I get there. Sweet dreams

Here is todays run map

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