Day 23, Mine to Hagi






What a great day I had and that made me happy straight up as I have had a bit of rain laterly . Another thing I found and was happy about today was that I was out in the middle of nowhere. I have been walking down lots of streets and with lots of cars so was happy to be out of it. I did bang on 50kms in 10hrs today to but it seemed to take ages well the afternoon did. My feet were a bit sore too. Bit of a crack on the ankle that is keeping it interesting.



Today I found a lot of different animals , Here is a little caterpillar , I saw heaps of dragon fire’s  and butterflies  and within 200m I saw 2 snakes, I was thinking that I would have sooner but almost stood on this one before he jumped into the tree and then the next one was to quick for a shot.


Then as I was talking to a farmer I noticed I had a safety pin in my left tire but it looked sweet so I went on thinking it’ll be fine . Not to be and a couple of hundred meters up the road i had a flat. I had all the patches to fix it and it was a good chance to rest and just to do something other than running and walking.


It was a awesome road I took today, I had a few choices and I took my chances on the shorter route which is normally the hilly one but today was perfect. No cars and lots of nice views .




I found a fern which made me think of NZ and all the cool places I ran though last year which helped pass the time too. Also found another different flower which I thought you might want to see.


I had one big hill to climb after that and even at only 231m I was pretty puffed going up but going down was even longer and steeper which buggered me more. But as the sun went down the sunset became a beautiful back drop.


After having Nishijima san with me on his bike yesterday he had made a call to a mate who worked in TV and his bro made a call to the Yamaguchi Boardcasting Tv and radio station . I got a call around lunch time from Takada san from the Yamaguchi radio Zennkai. Thankyou so so much for getting in touch!!!!   Nishijima san thank you so much and your friend in Tokyo for making this happen. This is what its all about.

Here is the radio Zennkai Home page.

They wanted to have a interview at 1.40, I was stoked as I need them to help me tell everyone. It was a great fun interview and straight away I felt the power of doing it by the people slowly down to say hi and toot then I had one car stop and out jumped Saito and Masuo san. They had heard us talking and had come looking for me to say hi, that is a first I think for someone to come find me, Awesome. They dropped in donations and then Saito san rang and booked me into a hotel in town and then sorted us to go to a osen and then for dinner with him and couple of friends, So amazing and so much of a great feeling to have someone go that far to help me out.

Then as I came into town I meet this group of Nurses. thanks for saying hi ladies.


Saito san and his friend Takashi san who is the chairman of the local loins club  both came out and hooked up this amazing feed. I had dropped that I liked sushi and look what came out, Here is the master of the restaurant starting to cook up that plate of meat. I ate and ate and had a couple of beers with a huge smile on, Cant thank Saito san for everything he did for me today. Honto ni arigatou gozaimasu



Todays map of my run

One thought on “Day 23, Mine to Hagi

  1. It’s so good to read through your days as they clock up, Jup. It sounds like you’re doing a bit of running again – look after that bloody back of yours! Love your pics 🙂 You’re turning out to be a bit of a botanist, what with photos of random flowers and ferns!! I’m so envious right now, I wish I were braver and had taken the plunge to move there this year, as was the plan. I just couldn’t get over the radiation factor. Go you! You’ve got guts bro xx

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