Day 22, Shimosone to Mine






Up and out the door at 7.45 as I had a big day ahead of me, I had a friend Akiyo who I had met in Okinawa had come and met me last night on hr way to travel though Japan by car. It was great to catch up . After a big day yesterday and another one today I was just hoping the body would box on. The rain was coming down but I put on the jacket and pants and was off .



This is the view of the bridge to Honshu, I have been in Kyushu for the last 11 days and now into the big island. There is a tunnel that goes under the sea from one side to the other. I wasnt sure where it was or what it was like and when I found it it was pretty cool.

It is 800m long and you go down a elevator to get to it ,Once I was down there I found it really warm and there were heaps of people training , I mean running and walking laps of the tunnel. It is a very popular spot. Great for days like today in the rain.



Once out the other side the rain had almost stopped . I looked around and it seemed to be a place that there had been a lot of flighting going on back in the day, I didn’t get a chance to ask anyone about what had happen so sorry I can’t tell you . Im into Yamaguchi prefecture now and there is a lot of things to see . I so wish I had more time but Ill be back, I didn’t even know where was this much.


As I went along I looked up to this big red bus with London on the front, I thought awesome Im off back to london to go clubbing, if only. I would take all my awesome dancing friends with me. You know who you are.


Almost straight after I got out of the tunnel the rain started to stop and within 20 mins I was back into a t-shirt and shorts, has been a couple of days since the sun was out like this . A couple of shops of the hills and rivers that I pasted on the way up to Mine.



Boone san who I had stayed with in Makinohara had rang a friend Nishijima san. He had rung me yesterday and said he would come say hi, He rang me just as I was heading into the hills, He came a joined me for 30kms , As I was walking he was super patience and cruised with me the whole way. Cant thank him enough for helping me get though today.  I did 58kms today which is a huge day when you got to walk it, took me 11.5 hrs but I enjoyed it .Another day down. Yahoo!!




Here are the 2 maps of todays run   and

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