Day 21, Usa to Shimosone






I had a awesome sleep and woke to a huge breakie which was just what I needed. I was out the door at 7.10am and off on a fast walk as I had a 10am meeting with NOSA FM radio. They have been awesome and hooked me up my room last night at the Riverside Hotel in Usa which was a great help.


I had 17 kms to do to get to Nakatsu and I made it there at 9.59, perfect but I was pretty tired. But the team there gave me heaps of power and also I got to met Nishigori san who is a friend of Gon san who has been helping me. Nishigori san use to be a pro snowboarder and is a butcher now, also he makes Karaage which is chicken. it is so nice and he brung a huge bag of it for me to eat. He had sorted everything with the radio station and then they had sorted the local  newspaper to come down. So a great morning. I meet a group of local girls too just outside the station. thank you so much for your support.




Then I met Yu Oobayashi san who was out for a run and he joined me on my walk for 1.5 hrs which was awesome, I haven’t had to many people come with me so it was good to have the old NZ run feeling back. Thanks so much for going for so far bro, hope the run back in the wind wasn’t to bad.

Here are a few shots of the day of different places along the way.



Sorry about this photo not being to clear but I when walked into the back of a group who walking as well. once I got to them I found there were 3 guys from Holland to, I asked what was going on and they were doing a walk to Nagasaki going back in time to when the Dutch where first here back in the 1600’s. it was great to see them out and enjoying japan. The group of walkers with them in the yellow had just joined them for the 30kms they did today, Awesome that they would come out and support them.  Best of luck for the rest of your trip boys. You can check out there site at



Then just as it started to rain again I found a golf shop. I have seen so many golf courses along the way and so want to go play but dont have the time yet, SO I went in and said hi and bought a Honma sand wedge to swing around when I have a break. Thanks so much for the super discount Lezax Golf.

Also I met the kids of the hotel Im staying in tonight, they were super friendly, hope you did your homework Hiroki.


It is raining pretty hard now and could be in the morning to so have everything is drying mood now but ready to get wet again. Today I walked a huge 11.5 hrs and 56kms, biggest day so far, my feet are a bit tired. Walking is so much harder than running.

Here is the map of todays run

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