Day 20, Beppu to Usa







I woke to the sound of rain but it wasn’t to hard . I had a big breakie and was off by 8am . I only did 49kms today but I was out there for 11hrs, I met a few people and had a chat then right at the end I went and saw the  Usa Jingu.


Yes I know but there are just so many flowers out at the mo and in the rain it stood out and I had to take more shots.

Then I found this old entrance which Im not sure where it went but it was awesome, so old and all made of wood . Then the road got narrow and twisted and turned though the hills flowing this river and there were a few very nice spots.


Ha then I found this shed, I had seen a few along the way but hadn’t put one and one together but when I read the sign on this one I did, I just had to go have a look and well I got some photos but I thought I better not put them up here in case some kids were reading, I can just say that you can buy anything you need for a good night.


I found this sign out on the road and had to shot it, “Ganbarou Nippon”  can mean a few different things, fight japan, Lets try hard , all those kinda things. I then had this lovely man come along ,he had seen me at 8am and it was 3pm when he saw me next, He went and drove 15 mins to buy me some chips and a drink. So nice of him, I also meet a few others but they didn’t want their photo takin.



I then entered into Usa city and as I did I ran into Tatsuya san who works for NOAS FM radio in Nakatsu. He had been in touch about coming and doing a interview but wanted to come say hi first. Was great to meet him and his fellow worker Sato san who’s photo sorry won’t upload for me. Sorry bro. They found me a very nice hotel for the night called  the Riveside hotel in Usa. Thankyou so much for that.

They also told me about the Usa Jingu which is this amazing place. it is where the gods live I’m told, I thought it was a temple but was soon told no , From the road it looks like well not much but the deeper you go into the forrest the more beautiful it gets. I have a lot of other photos but they won’t load for me, Ill see if I can get them up tomorrow.

I talked to one of the monk dudes and he told me that it was rebuilt around 250yrs ago and is one of the oldest in japan. It truly is a amazing place, lots of power spots, you could just walk around and chill here for hours. I found a 800 yr old tree and gave it a huge hug and pulled out a heap of power to fix my back. Cause I was there after 5 there was no one around which just made it even more awesome.



Then as i got a few things at the shop I found my favorite lollies , Shigekikusu. real sour lollies. but so awesome.

I have a interview with NOSA Fm at 10am so gotta leave here at 7am to get there on time so had better get some sleep, was a long day out on the road and another one tomorrow. Man I can’t wait to run again. Need more time to chill and enjoy.

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