Day 19, Tsukumi to Beppu






I woke up and was super refreshed and ready to go again. I had a great sleep thanks to the drugs I got and if I can sleep well then I can just keep going and going. I headed out at 7.30 which is a bit earlier than normal but I wanted to just cruise along and not put to much pressure on my back and let it fix itself.

It was a cloudy day which was kind of good as I had picked the shorter route but I thought that it could be up and over a hill somewhere along the way and there sure was. I had a few tunnels to go though as well but the long one 1.6kms long the foot path was to narrow for my buggy and it was a super busy road so I thought I was going to have to run it as fast as I could . Still not sure if I should I thought I would wave down a ride to get us to the other side. Thats where I meet Kajiwara san, He pulled straight over and was super understanding and helped me out. Can’t thank him enough.He wanted to take a bit further than I said but I had to make him stop as it would be not right for me to ride in the car to far. Arigatou.



Also ran in to these boys from the  Corora car sales , Great smiles and wished me a good trip. Then I found a couple of lone Cherry blossom trees. I are just a little late to see them all in full bloom.


One thing I have noticed is that is no road kill like NZ, the most I see is butterflies dead on the footpath and then today I found this Wasp, they are bloody big and got a mean bite. it doesn’t look super big I surpose here but when they are stretched out and buzzing you they are huge!. hehe.    Also I found this Centipede ,he wasn’t a huge one but I tell you they can get real big, I had one in my bed when I first came to Japan back when I was sixteen. big (30cms) and red and crawling in my bed. I couldn’t sleep that night as I thought he was coming back.


I climbed into the hills for a couple of hours but it wasn’t to bad at all, normally there would be a couple of tunnels but this back road was road. It was worst going down the other side, the buggy has no brakes so pulls me down with it. There was hardly any cars which was a nice change I had the tunes on and could just relax and enjoy the views.



As I got to the top I entered into Oita city area, When you look at the map I are making some good moves up the coast.Exciting stuff.

In this garage which the photo doesn’t do much for it but there was a UFO, nah really haha I was surpised myself. I think the guy is a big UFO fan, there was all sorts of strange objects all over the place.


I’m sorry as I can’t get a good shot of these beautiful temples/shines, they are everywhere and I promise to get a good shot soon.

As I got closer to the end I met a very nice lady Katayama san, She invited me in to her work and gave me a cuppa. Thanks very much as I hadn’t really stopped all day.

With a hour to go it started to rain a bit so on went the jacket and I finished off along side the ocean again following the big foot prints to my new home of Beppu. The mountains looked awesome with the mist over them but again I didn’t catch that in the shot either.


Had a call from my bro Nick in Wales again today, so great to have it, He was checking up on me, Thanks so much .

Kazu my super blog translating bro also checking up to see if I was going ok, I are walking the 50kms for the next week but I can do it no worrys in 9 hrs. So I can keep the plan which is pretty important so we can make plans to meet others along the way.

I ran 49.4kms today.         Here is the map of today’s run

One thought on “Day 19, Tsukumi to Beppu

  1. Hey up mate good talking today, glad to hear you are still pushing the buggy and that the back has not
    given up on you !..Keep on plugging away mate and keep up the good blogging, great to see and read..
    Man those centipides look pretty scary…go to get me one of them in plastic for holloween!
    Speak soon & take bro ~ N

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