Day 18, Tsukumi day off






Today I had my second day off since I started and I really did nothing, Talked to a few bro’s and repacked my bags.

I have been slowly collecting things from people along the way to take and give to the people of Tohoku so it was getting a little heavy in my buggy.  So awesome to have these things and it just shows love and friendship to others even when you dont know them. A huge reason I’m doing this run.

I was lucky enough to get a present myself last week from Nakamura san in Kawaminani.


This morning I had a little sleep in before looking out the window to this nice view over top of the town.

I had a great sleep last night after taking the pain killers I got from the doc, I can still feel the pain in my back as if I couldn’t I would probably just go out and run and hurt my back more.

Today I also went and deposited the donations I got over the last week, We got another 35,000 yen which I think is about $500. Awesome!!!

Last week I had a couple of new sponsors come on board. I will be carrying my gear in some new Gregory bags which will be great as I only had a few old ones I have been using for years now.  Also Ultraspire who do hydration bags and accessories which is great. I drink a lot of water everyday on top of the Gatorade sports drink.  I have tryed a lot of different hydration packs and are really looking forward to using these ones. Thankyou to both Gregory and Ultraspire for coming on board and also to Outland Japan for speeding the word about what we are doing.   Click on the logos to go and check out their home pages and gear.


Also I have got awesome support from Fukushima.Both Happy Happy Curry and Imadaya have helped sort out my support van and get the word out around Tohoku. Thankyou so much for being part of the team and helping out with the ZUN Japan communication team.

When I was in Fukushima picking up the van I went and ate at Happy Happy curry and had the Katsu curry which has Imadaya katsu sauce on it, so yummy you gotta try it. Perfect combi.


I had a call from Cory at Kidzania in Tokyo and he is busy sorting out a couple of events for when I pass though Osaka and Tokyo areas. SO looking forward to meeting all the kids that go there and of course the great teams that make it fun and great place to go and learn. Click on the logo to go to see their home page.

Not much more that I have to report today, Need a big sleep as there is a lot of walking to be done this week, Im SO SO Sorry I can’t run right now, I promise I will make a huge come back and be running strong in a week to 10 days all going well. Gotta listen to the body and doctor  as your back is just to important. This just makes it to easy to come with me for a few KMS as I won’t be running. Come walk with me everyone. I look forward to meeting you all.

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