Day 16, Nobeoka to Kamae






What a day that was.  I first tried again to go to the hospital but it was real busy even at 8am so I just headed up the road.Wlaking straight into this view, great start to the day.

The first 1/4 went pretty fast and then I had to make a choose stay on the main road or take a turn to the right and head along the coast. I had a look at the map and it was shorter but wiggled all over the place so I was thinking it could be super beautiful but super hard and it sure made me work hard.

But check out these shots,Awesome




I didn’t find to many towns either so had to talk to my self a lot and found myself taking photos of flowers again, There are so many different ones and they stand out so much


I when went even deeper into the forrest which was great. SO beautiful and real refreshing. The views of the ocean would keep popping out the the trees. I also passed into a new prefecture today,Im now in Oita which makes 3 in a week, Kagoshima then Miyasaki and now Oita. Now I know I’m moving forward.





I took a couple of shots of myself today to show you my Buff headwear for the day ( I have heaps of them,they are great) and well probably just cause I was bored. haha sorry



With taking my hill climbing short cut I did right on 50kms today which was just perfect, I are pretty tired after it too but only got one more tomorrow then I get a day off. That week went real fast.

I also found this bear trap .

While I stayed on Tanegashima with Tetsuya and Maia we went out for dinner with Hiroko and her family , We took some photos but I never got a copy but Tetsu sent me them today so here they are. Thanks so much bro. Also one last shot of Kamae where I’m staying tonight.


With my blog being translated into Japanese by Kazu and the team at Outland I have been getting a few letters from their members, Huge thanks to them and everyone who has written me messages or posted notes on Facebook. You dont know how much they mean to me especially at the mo as I’m by myself. I read them as I’m going along. Thankyou so much.

The map of the today’s run

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