Day 15, Kawaminami to Nobeoka






HI everyone.

Today when I woke I wasn’t in a good way, the old back was super sore. I didn’t sleep well as every time I turned I woke up. I was super happy in the mind but the old body wasn’t wanting to move as it hurt when I did. But once I was up I felt better and warmed up slowly. I thought that I would have to walk a lot today and set out slowly. On the way out of town I found a hospital as I am a little worried about my back but forgot that it was sunday and there was almost noone in there. So I got some drugs and dropped them.

I meet a lot of people again today and had a few that did upturns  to come say hi, How awesome is that. I got a fresh tomato and some drinks from everyone today. I love getting them but sometimes have to say no as my cart gets real heavy with all the drinks.




I thought I would be beside the ocean a lot today but was only for bits . But when I did it was real nice and everyone was out for a surf. Looked nice and small and made me wish I had my long board that dan at DMS has made me. Ill pick it up when I get to Fukushima.


I was playing around with my Go Pro today , man it is awesome, so clear and can do so many things.


Here are some more shots I got, every Japanese looking home and a golf range that I really want to drop in on when my back is good.





I boxed on for the 51kms and it took me 9.5 hrs but it was fine, My legs are getting use to being out for that long now. Once I made it to Nobeoka I meet a very nice couple who invited me for dinner later but I was along way away so couldn’t .Thankyou so much. I also met a couple of girls who helped me find a place and told me about a little festival that was going on in town. I went down and meet a few people and had some dinner.




I will get a good sleep and stretch a lot and hope tomorrow will be a stronger day. Thanks to everyone who thought of this run today. I forgot to say the other day but I have gone over 500kms now and heading for a 1000 real fast. Crazy aye.

Sweet dreams

Here is today’s run map

3 thoughts on “Day 15, Kawaminami to Nobeoka

  1. Hey juppy(jump around) sorry to hear your back is still playing up hope it’s nothing serious, you have pushed you little kart for 500 k’s no so I’m sure your back might not like that to much. I no how strong you are and you’ll get through. As you always do mate keep the mind strong and the heart set for the goal and thats to help out as much of Japan as you can. It’s a place that you no so well and so many people. It’s a reall honour to no someone like you juppy, just keep on going and I’ll always be a phone call away bro. Take care Juppy stay strong.

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