Day 14, Tano to Kawaminami






I woke to the sun shining in the window and right away I was happy. I needed it to be sunny as I thought I was going to be along side of the sea today. Went down to my cart to find that all my shoes were wet from yesterday, I laughed an picked the driest ones and was off.

I said a big good bye and thank you the owner of my hotel was night. A very friendly family ,they donated my cost of the room last night and also gave me a little cash for my next hotel. Thankyou so much.


I was heading into Miyasaki city today which is famous for a lot of things and one of them is surfing, Lots of great surf spots here, sorry I didn’t get to see them .

As I ran though the city again not knowing anyone I spotted a lady and stopped for a talk, She was Mrs Mukoda and her work bro Yoshimoto san. They work for Sukinomoto Futons in Miyasaki. As I talked away I asked them if they had any media hook ups and Yoshimoto san was right on the phone. Not promising anything he said a big maybe that someone might call. Off I went .

In about a hour I had a call from UMK Tv and they were on their way to find me to do some filming. Yahoo I thought this will help heaps to let everyone know . They found me pretty easy and we did a interview and they followed me up the road for a while. Great team and it was lots of fun. I asked when we would be on and it was on the news again at 5.50pm tonight, so now I had a goal of when I wanted to be finished should be sweet I thought.

Today I met and talked to a lot of people , very friendly people around today which was great . Here are a few shots. This first man was super nice and shed a tear when I told him what I was doing, So awesome .




I was in the built up areas today which was a bit different from what I thought but when I got a chance I tried to get a few shots, I found a couple of things.



I have to say a huge sorry to Yuko and Miki as they have made up a poster and are putting it up around the backpackers in Tokyo to help get the word out. It is awesome and I wanted to show you all. They put a lot of time in it and I have forgotten for the last couple of days, so sorry girls and thank you so much for doing this, Cant wait to catch up when I get that way.

I had a couple of calls today which made my day , one from T-rav in Australia who I have worked with over the years, He is thinking of coming over if he can which would be awesome.

Then I got one from Nick in the U.K I met Nick in Europe way back in 2003 I think it was in when we stayed at the same backpacker, I haven’t seen him since but he is a true adventure man and we seem to always to doing something that the other loves so have kept in touch all this time. He is helping to get the word out for us over there. thanks so much bro.

I also gave Dan at DMS in Aussie a call , Dan is a surfboard shaper and one of my super sponsors. He is making me a paddle bored at the mo that you will see later in the run as we make it more north. Its not all about running. Check out Dan’s work at



As I got tired I kept checking the time and I was right on for making the hotel which I didn’t have yet but would find once I got there. Then just out of town I got talking to a local guy who had seen me earlier in the day and we talked to much that I ran out of time to watch TV. Never mind I thought I was there at the time anyways. I just wanted to see how they would put it together .

Then as I made Toron Toron I meet this group who were having a BBQ and they invited me in. SO funny and super yummy food. They had just been at the baseball of their kids in the arvo. Best of luck to Tsuno Koko for your next game.

Then as I got to the hotel I found a sports shop and had to get myself a form roller for my back as it is killing me. As I was going the owner Mr Nakamura was coming out as he had just  watched me on Tv,  A keen rugby player and while talking to him he pulled out a Crusaders rugby top.  He was very nice and hooked me up a big discount . Thankyou so so much.

Today I did 54kms. a easier run than yesterday but long all the same. But we made it . Sweet.


I found my hotel right next door and had a awesome bath and got on the roller and couldn’t get off the bloody thing, My back locked up and I was thinking this would be funny to walk in on. Im a little worried about me back but will just take it easy and do a heap of stretches. Early night tonight again.

Here is the map of todays run

2 thoughts on “Day 14, Tano to Kawaminami

  1. Jup, Great to chat today mate! Go easy on the back mate.. Crazy how you managed to find a bbq on the way home. Trust you have a good kip on the floor mate. Speak soon & keep up te good effort.

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