Day 13, Makinohara to Tano






First things first I just got the photos up onto yesterdays blog, sorry for that, They wouldn’t load up last night.

Well I woke and had a great breaky ,strawberries and banana, ham and eggs, Kayo made it for me thank you so much, Boone was off to work early which was a shame . I wanted to stay and talk more, He has done so much for me and I only got to spend a little bit of time with him and his family, I’ll come back and see you all.

First up was a trip back to Takarabe Minami shogakou( primary school) as the kids had made a flag up and all signed it , I will be taking it to Tohoku and giving it to them. I went and meet the kids and teachers at 8am and they did a presentation to me . I did a little talk and showed them my buggy. The kids were amazing, so friendly to me and they loved my dreads having never seen them before . I was there for about 45 mins and then I had to go as I had a big day ahead of me and what a day it turned out to be.




I was on a high as I started and going down the road I had a few people coming out and stopping to see me, A lot of people are donating which is just fantastic.



I then had a radio interview with FM Kagoshima at 10.30 which was Live, A huge thanks to Ariga Maki the DJ, she was fun to talk to and it helped me relax. Still a little nervous as I dont want to make a mistake when talking. I do though.

After that I dropped in to Base Cafe which is run by a lady I met yesterday, Im sorry I can’t remember her name but it is a great little cafe and really good food. I had a early lunch there.

As I had started at 9am and I had only gone 13km and it was 11.30 already I was thinking this could be a long day and it went down hill from there . I was feeling good but wasn’t making any way forward. I was moving but it was taking so long to get Kms under my belt for some reason.

Then it started to rain and a little head wind which wasn’t what I needed right then, Then a few long hills popped up and my back started to be sore again so I wasn’t in a good fame of mind then. Struggling a bit I just kept going which I can do but the fact I wasn’t making way I felt so bad. It was pissing me off there for a bit too, even when I ran for a while I would check my watch and I hadn’t gone far. I just couldn’t understand why.



I started thinking about NZ and found out that I had my worst day on day 13 there as well, The day I had to walk 50 out 58kms but that day I was hurting in the ankles and thigh. This time my legs are great but my back is bad. Funny how things can work out the same . But as I thought of NZ and that bad day I just kepted telling myself that I made it in NZ so I will make it today too.

It was getting dark and the road wasn’t the widest so I had to get my light out so the cars could see me, By the time I found the town Tano where I was spending the night it was dark and 6.45pm, this made me a little angry that I had taken so long but I quickly asked the local garage where a hotel and supermarket was and got some food and jumped in a warm bath. I was so wet and all my gear had gotten wet but I was here and had beatin that bad feeling which made me smile .

Tomorrow will be better as I have made today, thats all I have to do and I will be sweet. I’m a bit lonely at the mo, missing having Rick there. He was always there in NZ and I think I was so use to that that now I’m alone I have to pull on myself when I get down. Also I think of the people I met this morning and before and even in NZ, that is the power I need and I will pull on it when ever I need to.

I ran 56kms  today and it was a hard 56 but all good now and I’m happy and dry, Surpose to be sunny again tomorrow so that will be good, I will be heading north and along by the sea again so should get some great views.

Thanks heaps and we will talk again tomorrow.

Here is the map of today’s run

One thought on “Day 13, Makinohara to Tano

  1. Jup, were all following you still here in the uk mate, the time difference makes it difficult to ctach you some times but never fear all my family, friends and co workers are reading your blog daily~ you are not alone buddy! Brilliant to see the pictures in the school with the kids this morning, looks awesome…! Bro take it easy, it was friday 13th today so tat will account for the doldrums!~ better day tomorrow with bright blue skies mate. Ill try and call you on your mobile tomorrow.. Night mate & solid effort again. Nick

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