Day 12, Kagoshima to Makinohara






Sorry for not many photos, I are having trouble getting them up online ,Ill get them up here tomorrow. sorry

Up fresh and ready to go I checked out and got my taxi back to the ferry terminal. I had a call last night to say that MBC TV would be meeting me to do a interview and they were there waiting for me. After Tetsuya helping  and getting me on the News the other night I didn’t think we would get another chance so quick but super stoked to of course.

The MBC team were awesome, They had the camera out and were filming me set up the cart and did the interview around me getting ready which made it nice and easy for me too. I when started at 8am and they followed me up the road for about half a hour.


I forgot to ask when it was going to be on but got a call a bit later in the arvo saying that it was on the 12 lunch time news. Wow great.

From today I was going to be running more closer to the 50 a day I had planned as now on the main land there was roads everywhere.

Today I ran 50kms on the dot. I even ran everything but the 8km hill at the end. It just keep on going. Not super steep and I did try to run parts of it but I couldn’t do it so just walked fast.

After the MBC radio and the MBC TV today I had a huge response from the people going past me, they all seemed to know who I was and I had a lot of people stop and come say hi and wish me luck, heaps of cars tooting and waving which was amazing . I have been waving to people but getting nothing, The odd truckie will wave back but most people just steer at me. Not today and whole new world which I loved. Cant thank MBC ,Pony girls and Uto san for their awesome help in getting the word out and then to the people who made the effort to even do u-turns and come say hi. I also got a lot of donations and one lovely lady gave me some rice cakes (mochi) and started to cry ,she was super happy to have met me and what I was doing, wow that made me super happy and I got a lot of power from her. Thankyou so so much.





I ran along route 10 today which hugged the water line and I got a perfect view of the Volcano for 3/4 of the day. So so beautiful and with no wind either the ocean was dead flat too. Around 23 degrees and just perfect to run in. The road was very narrow and sometimes a train on one side and a truck on the other, sweet if I had no buggy but he is a bit wide so is a pain in those times. Slows the traffic down which I don’t like to do. Sorry all.




With about 8kms to go a guy was running towards me and when he pulled I finally got to met Boone. I had only talked to Boone on the phone and was introduced to him from Cory at Kidzania in Tokyo. Without meeting Boone before he had sorted other friends on Tanegashima to look after me  which was Hiroko and Tetsuya. So you can see how well and just how awesome it is when people come together and what we can make happen out of nothing. Big thanks to Cory for starting that all off.

Boone walked the hill with me and we finished off with a little run before he pick me and the buggy up and we were straight off to a near by school where the kids were waiting. But I had taken a bit to long to get up the hill and missed them but got to sit down and meet the head teacher and we organized for me to come back at 8am to meet the kids as they have made a huge signed flag for the people of Tohoku. It looks amazing and I can’t wait to get it from them in the morning.

Then we headed back to Boone house and met Kayo his wife , Kayo made us a beautiful dinner and one of her friends came over and I told them a few stories of NZ run and what I want to do here. Heaps of fun and a huge thank you to Boone and Kayo for letting me stay at their house.

Legs are feeling great and pretty strong but just got a sore mid back from pushing the cart. Hope it will sort it self out over the next few days or week and we will be all good.

Here is the map of todays run

4 thoughts on “Day 12, Kagoshima to Makinohara

  1. We pass that little bit of road just before Palmerston all the time and think of you having that shit of a day. You’ll smash it Jup, but you already know that. Keep on charging. Lots of love xxx

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