Day 10 Tanegashima






HI all. What another awesome day on my way up Japan.

Last night I stayed with Tetsuya and his daughter Maia as they have just had a baby and his wife is still in Hospital. Testuya lives right beside the ocean as I found out in the morning. We woke early as we had to get Maia off to school before we drove a hour to the start.This is Maia on the right .Super cool cute kid. We had a plan that I would start in minamitane which is 42kms from Nishinoomote where I would get the ferry back to the main land and Kagoshima city.


Along the way we met a few of Tetsu’s friends , they were very nice and as well as dropping a few dollars in for donations they all wished me the best.

We started the run at the town office at 9.30 and with the sun out I was off. I felt great and with a holiday tomorrow I dont think you would stop me today. First I had a few small hills to go up and down and though a few towns and then it was along the ocean front. Awesome views and with a tail wind I couldn’t be have been happier.



One thing you might have noticed or not is that Im back on route 58 again, well it runs over 4 or 5 island which is pretty amazing isn’t it, It links them all together . I was running the last part of it today after starting on it 10 days ago.

Once I made the next big town I got to meet the Major. we just dropped in to say hi while I was having a rest. he was super nice and came out to say hi and a few of the staff came too. More photos will be added to here tomorrow as I didn’t get them with my camera sorry. But here is me and Mr Kawashita Mitunari , the mayor of a nakatane town.

Just around the corner were a few more mates of Tetsuya’s who also came to say hi. Great fun meeting so many people along the way, Yes Im resting at the time but it also helps keep me fresh and not get bored running.



I have dropped in a shot here of the rice field that has just been planted and as we go along if you read this today you will notice the growth . iEveryone is busy at the mo getting it all ready, One hell of a hard job, lots of people still plant it by hands so bending  over all day  not good for my old back.

Nest as I went along out of nowhere Tetsu was standing there with 2 people. I stopped and said hi to then find a awesome beads shop . I went in as I are very weak and love beads and stuff like this. Their shop was amazing, called Shanti and right on the beach with no one living in sight. Don’t think you could ask for more. The owner Masato gave me a couple of beads to stick on the old dreads which were 300 yrs old, Bloody older than NZ is. Check out their website at



Next I met Kume Mitsuharu and his friends. They were making some photo flames with sand and bit and pieces which they put their photos of turtles on. There are some turtles that return here after a huge trip to Mexico. They take photos of them and are helping to protect them as well.  Also Mitsuharu san takes photos and came out to get a few shots of me running down the road. Funny thing is that he takes photos of surf and people and gives them to a guy Gardner who I met just before I started , Gardner owns the Outdoor Japan magazine. Small world aye.  Please check out their photos at

I forgot to say but Tetsu works for Kagoshima TV and does all the stories for the islands around here. So he came out not only to support me for the day but he did a lot of filming and pulled some strings and tonight on the 6pm news there was Jup Brown running down the road. I can’t thank Tetsu enough for not only looking after me but for helping get the word out to not only his island but to the whole south of Japan. Getting on the news aren’t a easy thing and it just added to a amazing 10 days where we had 4 radio interviews, 2 newspapers and now a TV appearance , A huge 10 days as I didn’t know anyone here at all and just from telling a few people it lead to having a great time, home stays, great new friends and this much Media . I’m so stoked .

More shots from today.




I then jumped on the ferry for a 2 hour ride over to Kagoshima. I got to see the news story and it was funny as the people in the ferry all turned and looked at me . I just smiled and gave them the old japanese peace sign. Got lots of cheers and support as I got off the ferry. It is working and I look forward to seeing how it goes in the next few days. We have one more radio interview tomorrow arvo so its off to bed now for a rest I have been looking forward too.

Thankyou you to everyone for a awesome time and for lots of comments .

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