Day 9: Run last of Yakushima and Ferry to Tanegashima






Woke to another beautiful sunny day. I had a smaller run on the go with a cruisey 28km to finish my lap of Yakushima. I said my goodbyes to Naomi and Mei chan and off I set. I had plenty of time but just wanted to get there and be able to rest before I boarded the ferry for Tanegashima. The last of the 4 islands I will be going to. I got my lunch made for me again today as Eriko had the other day and it is wrapped in a leaf, awesome aye.


As I went along I ran into a few people and told them about what I was trying to do. They were all super supportive and I got a few shots of them with my buggy.



The views today were still awesome, even though I was getting back into the towns a little – the towns here aren’t big so it wasn’t like going to Tokyo or anything. I ran into some guys from the team that had met me on the first night at Takahashi san’s house, and it was funny as I told them it would be a fast 3 days and they couldn’t believe that I had run around already. This lady is 89 years-old and still walking round like a 20 year-old, great to see. It was funny as she has bad eyes and was talking to me for about 10 mins and then found out I wasn’t Japanese. Funny at the time. So cute.




I made it to Takahashi san’s house at 1pm which is not bad time for the way I have been going. Ryu and Kei were there and of course mum Takahashi – She is awesome and a wonderful cook. We had a quick feed and they took me to the ferry. We dropped in on Amigo too at the flower shop and said goodbye. So sad to be leaving here, I have really loved the people and being here in the bush of Yakushima.

Thank you so so much Yakushima!!!!!!!


Then I was off and on the Rocket ferry to Tanegashima. A quick 45 min boat ride to yet another super chilled island. I was met there by Tetsuya and his daughter Maia. Tetsuya’s wife has just had a baby – huge congrats. We dropped off some things to mum and went and had dinner. There Hiroko and her kids came and said hi. I didn’t know anyone again, just a guy Boone (who I also haven’t met yet either) but he sorted it out for them to help me out. SO much fun every day. Huge thanks to my new family here.

(Sorry, my photo was not clear so I will drop a couple in here tomorrow)

I will only run here for the one day and then off to the mainland.

Here is today’s map of my run –

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