Day 8: Nagata to Hirauchi – Yakushima






What a beautiful day I had today. Amazing views and lots of people along the way. I got to see monkeys and deer and ran a smooth 39km. I did feel real tired at the end of the day as I was running/walking up and down alot of hills. I ran a road that is single lane and bush everywhere.  It was magic, I loved it – even if it did make me tired as.

I stayed with Kazu and Eri last night and it was super fun – can’t thank them enough for looking after me. Again I had never met them and they were like old friends to me. Huge thanks to Takuji for introducing us and making it happen. Hope your Takuji Fest went sweet bro. Otsukaresama.

I was off at 8am again and Eri came with me for the first 5km, we walked to the light house along the way. Awesome views.



I then headed into the bush and straight away ran into deer and monkeys. Just shows you how natural it is around here. Not even many cars on the road. Just endless bush and sea views that there are no words for.





Once again I met a few people along the path, one lady walking in the opposite direction and another riding a bike around the island too. We ran into each other all day. Helped pass the hills a bit easier.


It is the time of the year when all the new leafs and flowers are coming alive, the colors in the trees are awesome and I got a few shots of flowers for you guys out there that like them.


I also stopped in to see this awesome waterfall. This place is just beauty everywhere you look.


Then I had 10km to go and well with sore tired legs but views like this you can just keep going. Not sure how, but you can.



I made it to Hirauchi at about 4.30pm which made for a super slow day but I made it, so happy as.

Also great as I had another homestay tonight with Naomi -a friend of the friends I have just met over the last 7 days and who are all helping out so amazingly. Naomi had invited a few people around to cheer me on and we had a great dinner together. Can’t thank Eri enough for introducing us, and then to Naomi and friends for looking after me.

Tomorrow I have the last leg of running Yakushima, back to the airport where I started and then I’ll be off on the Ferry to Tanegashima which is a 45min ferry ride away. Can’t wait.

Here is the map of today’s run –

4 thoughts on “Day 8: Nagata to Hirauchi – Yakushima

  1. What beautiful scenery Jup and as you said, so similar to NZ. Awesome to know that so many people are becoming involved and supporting you.

  2. Hey Jup,
    Wow wee here you go again!!! Missed your call the other day, had hewys wedding was sweet. How is that country side your running through, amazing! Makes me want to get over there and have a look.First time I’ve jumped on your blog it’s awesome, I’ll be a regular from now on!!! Hope the body is going good, keep running bud love your work, the gilbys

    • yeah bro, it is amazing, Im having a great time, body is holding nicely so far, the old dog is at it again, SO jealous of hewys wedding, wish ai was there. You guys will be over here one day, Ill get us a hut by the beach and you can come surf here. Talk soon gilbys, love yas

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