Day 7: Yakushima






After a great day and evening last night I was off on my run around Yakushima. I stayed with Takahashi san last night. She is an amazing lady – so friendly and an awesome cook. Here she is with her son Ryo. Thank you so much for looking after me. Then as I headed off I found this little god. There are 7 of these around the island so I’m going to try and find them.


As I ran and walked along the road the views were just awesome and got better the more I ran. Not much I can say to explain just how beautiful this place is. Amazing. There are so many places that remind me of NZ. Especially a river I went to tonight. Just like up Mt Aspiring Valley in Wanaka.






I also met a few people along the way which gave me a great burst of energy. I got to see Amigo again today too. She was working at a shop where I stopped at. Thanks for the snack Amigo.



I ran 37km today which was just a nice distance. It was pretty windy and straight into my face for most of the day but I seemed to go ok. Walking does help in those windy times.

I arrived in Nagata at 3pm, right when I had hoped to, and it was a super beautiful place. There is a sandy beach and the mountains behind the town are so amazing, I couldn’t stop looking at them. They are the god of the village and once a year almost everyone who can will climb the mountain and pay their respects. It is a 9 hour hike to the top.

I met Eirko and her man Kazu which is where I’m staying tonight. They live in a real old house which has so much tradition from the bath tub that is heated by fire to the sliding doors made from wood.

We first went to the river which is just out the back of their house and damn, it was just like home. I couldn’t believe how much it looked like the Blue pools and Mt Aspiring Valley. Then we went down and had a beer at the beach and watched the sunset. Also was a full moon tonight but I couldn’t get a good photo of it sorry.





We had a few friends around for dinner and that has led to meeting more people tomorrow and a place to stay in other places. Also maybe some media in the future too. Amazing just how things can happen.

Huge thanks to everyone who made today so much fun. Tomorrow will be another great day. I am running in some forest area where deer and monkeys run free. Waterfalls and Osens (hot natural bath) are a-plenty. I might be going to an osen which is in the ocean and can only be entered when the tide is out. Tomorrow’s is at 11.30pm and it’s a full moon. Oh yeah can’t wait.

Here is the map of today’s run –

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