Day 6: Run Amami Island and fly to Yakushima






What an awesome day I have had. I started my run today in front of the Amami town office where a lot of the staff came out to see me off. Also there were my Amami family of Ganaha san and his friends. They have been amazing and looked after me as if we have been friends forever – and I was only there for 27 hrs. I also ran into Gin san who I met last night and she was working in the post office. Thanks for playing the Shamisen last night at dinner.


I got off to a good start and was actually running for a change and feeling good , no pains for a change. I passed through the hills a bit and then came out along the ocean and that’s where it got real beautiful. The views and water here are amazing, the colours are awesome. I’ll be coming to Amami again and cruising around for sure.



I had a write up today in 2 newspapers and the radio interview last night, and they all helped so much as today I had a heap of cars tooting and people waving and a few that pulled over and said hi. And one guy gave me 3 tapes of him singing songs that I will take and give to the people in Tohoku. Lots of fun. Also I saw a cow farm today which you don’t see much in Japan. Like a dairy farm, cows in the shed eating like cows do.

I also meet a local Pro surfer Yu-Sei Ikariyama and his Beautiful wife. Best of luck to you both when you have your baby in June.

There were more tunnels today and also a sake factory but I didn’t stop for a quick shot.




With my support crew of Ganaha san and friends the followed me the whole way of the 31km I did today, which was great to have. They would be there on the corner if I had to make a left or a right so was fun to have them there. Once I made the airport we checked in my gear and they took me to a lookout point about 15 mins drive away, which was great. Even had time to do a spot of sight seeing after the run. Was sad to say goodbye as they had done so much for me in so little time and they didn’t even know me. I truly can’t tell you how much it means to me to have this kind of support. Arigatou!!!



After saying goodbye I flew to Kagoshima on the mainland and then back to Yakushima where I will be running for the next 3 days. A full lap of this beautiful World Heritage Island. It is a special place in Japan that not many people get to. I heard about it a few years back and it was right at the top of the list of places to go. Get ready for some great shots from tomorrow.

I arrived here with a lady’s name and that she would be there to pick me up. Now this is Takahashi san and I only met her though Eri who I have talked to on the phone, and she is the friend of Takuji Okada who I met at Radio Toyomi in Okinawa. We were both guests there and got talking. SO you can see how this run is working. I’m trying to see just how far and how well just not knowing and planning too much can get you. I thought it could work but wasn’t super sure, but as you can see just the way everyone is helping me out and how much fun I’m having that people are just awesome. Thank you all so much for making this run/event happen in such a beautiful way.

Takahashi san and her family had called their friends and we had an awesome dinner. So many different foods, all of course super fresh as it is so natural here on Yakushima from the veggies to the fish. Amazing!!!


Ah almost forgot – as I was flying into Kagoshima there was a volcano and it is alive and breathing. Lots of dust coming out today.

Also a couple of shots of Yakushima from the plane and my beautiful little taxi driver Fuku who with her mum Mayumi came and picked me up at the airport. Thank you so much. Isn’t she so cute.



Another awesome day!

Here is the map of todays run

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