Day 4: Nanjo to Naha. Last day on Okinawa





Well what an awesome day. I woke to a sic sunrise, had a radio interview with RBC radio Okinawa at 7.30 and then me and Claudio were off running, well walking up the hills that were first up. We were both feeling good so had a good pace going. I thought as a bit of fun today I would count how many vending machines we passed along the way. You might not know but I think Japan must have the most amount of them in the world, they are everywhere. So I did and in 40kms we saw 190 odd, I think more as once we got into the city I would have missed a heap.



As we crusied along in the hot sun I was getting redder as we went I found the Minato Gawa Kindergarten and dropped in to say hi. The lady in charge had heard me on the radio which helped heaps so we were allowed in. The kids were awesome. Not even scared, which I loved. There were 79 kids and about 10 mums/carers there, so it was all go. Me and Claudio played with the kids for a bit then I did a little kids talk about what the buggy was and what I was doing. Then we got a photo together before we headed off. A huge thanks to the kids for having us and making us feel welcome. Arigatou!!!




Then we headed on and made it to the Peace Park which was about halfway for the day. It is a huge area and lots to see, but we didn’t have to much time so just a quick look. There we met this family too. Great to talk to you and thanks for saying hi.



Then it was ‘just get to the finish’. We got a little slower as we got to the end but made it by 3.30pm to Kerama Guest House (you’ve got to stay here when in Okinawa) where everyone was waiting for us with a special goal line set up and a huge feed of sushi. So so happy to have these guys and gals, I only met them when I first got here and they have made so much happen and super fun too. Love you all so much, Honto ni ARIGATOU!!!!!!!!





So I have finished running Okinawa Island now and off to Amami Oshima tomorrow morning. I ran 186km in the 4 days from North to South. I didn’t know anyone or anything about Okinawa but through everyone’s friends and networks I had an amazing time. I met so many amazing people and saw some great places. I will be back to relax on the beach next time and chill with the people who made my time so much fun.

Here is the map of today’s run –

Special thanks to Akiko, ko chan, Emi, Jujumo, Fm Toyomi radio, RBC Radio, Zen manager @ Kerama Guest house Naha and all the super staff and guests, Mizue &  I chan for so so much, Claudio from Italy,  Kuma massage chan.

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