Day 3: Ishikawa to Nanjo





Hi everyone and yes I’m feeling better today thankfully.

I headed out at 8am again and it was an overcast day with rain coming, and man did it come. It pissed down on me I was wet to the bum within 5 mins, but with nowhere to go and well already wet I just kept going. The weatherman told me that it would clear and it did about an hour later and then the wind came but not as hard as he said, so I was happy.

A couple of shots of things I passed along the way.


Then I met up with Claudio from Italy who I had met at the guest house Kerama in Naha a few days ago. He has come over to run with me.  I was stoked as I was a little lonely you could say. We cruised along at an average speed as I was slowing us down.


I had a few people stop and talk to me today which was awesome. We also met a family at a World Heritage spot in Nanjo. They are going to join me when I run past their town in the north in about a month.



I found some crazy looking rocks too, like mushrooms from the sea hitting them, there were heaps around this way. Also passed a couple of nice beaches that would be beautiful on a nice day.

Then a shot here with the rocks behind me from the World Heritage spot.



I did 44km today which was just a good amount, not too long yet. We then managed to find an awesome place to stay at the Umibiyori Hotel and with views like this to end the day and a great cuppa coffee I was happy as.

I gotta try and sort out how to put up videos that I have taken as I have a few to show, will sort it tomorrow, sorry.

Last day of running here on Okinawa tomorrow. We have 38km to Naha city, then I fly to another island. Not heaps to report today but it will get better. Talk soon.

This is the map of where I ran today. 

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