Day 2: Haneji school to Ishikawa town centre in Okinawa





I woke to feel very tight in the legs and well everywhere. I had a bad sleep – couldn’t get to sleep for some reason. But didn’t feel tired and as I took my time to wake and head out, my body came right.

Today I was running for the newest family to be formed in my friends, The Hewsons. Mark and Kellie got married in the weekend and I couldn’t make it. I’m so so sorry but after seeing the beautiful photos I know you had an amazing day. Huge love to you both. xxxx  Have a great honeymoon.

I started at 8am again and headed off at a slow pace. I always walk the first 15 mins and today was no different. I had no one meeting me or any plans at all today but I had an interview at 8.20 live on RBC 738am radio. They are going to ring me each morning for the next 3 days and check how things are going and where I am. It worked as I had cars tooting at me and one lady stopped and said hi late in the afternoon. The toots started straight after the interview so you know they have heard it. Especially in Japan. Big Thanks to Emi for hooking me up with this chance.


Straight off I had a 7 km long hill to push my buggy up and then try and hang on to it on the way down which is harder. Yes I walked almost the whole way.

As I went over a bridge I noticed a couple of old ladies going around a track, at first look it looked like they were racing but they were playing gate ball. Great to see them out running around.


In Okinawa there are heaps of bases for army and marines from America. I passed 2 today. You can hear them practicing shooting, flying around everyday.




In the afternoon I was running along the road right by the water. It wasn’t a real sunny day but that was good for my arms that got fried yesterday. Yes I put cream on today mum, haha.

I wasn’t feeling super strong today in the way of running alot and probably only ran 50% of the 42km I did. I was walking strong and still made good time. Somehow.


There is one thing that always makes me smile and it’s the laughing Buddha. I love his happiness and I found one late in the day which gave me some needed power. I tried to get some shots of the people who talked and donated today but they were too shy so I got one of me, and to be honest I look like the buddha from behind. Only at the mo though, I’ll slim down in a month or so.

The map of where I ran today.

2 thoughts on “Day 2: Haneji school to Ishikawa town centre in Okinawa

  1. Good to know you still do what your Mum says Jup!! It is so good to know that word is getting out as you go as I know the tooting and people chatting with you makes things so worth while. Our thoughts are with you all the way. Love ya
    Mum & BJ xx

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