Day 1: Oku school to Haneji school





Yahoo it has started and I made the first day sweet. Well not super sweet but I made it. I can feel that I have run 54km that’s for sure. That will teach me for not running for a month.

This is where I stayed last night. The owner was awesome, Him and Akemi from the local council office sorted everyone to come meet me. Thank you so much.

I woke at 6.30 and got ready, ate breakfast and packed the buggy. My dad and sister Amber rang which was awesome. Dad rang me almost everyday on the NZ run, he is a great support.

I was out and at the school in OKU village about 7.40am as the local school kids were coming to see me off which was awesome. Also Akiko and Ko chan had driven 3 hours to come see me which was amazing as we only met 3 days ago.

There was about 15 people that came down and we took heaps of photos and I had my best peace (instead of thumbs up) going on which you just gotta do in Japan. They gave me a sash to wear that they had all signed. Thank you so much


Then it was time to run and I left at 8.15am, the one thing which you could say is bad when you haven’t run for a month is when the first 600m is flat and then straight into a hill of 5km, ha welcome to the run Jup Brown. Yes of course I walked and that was hard enough pushing my buggy. What have I got in there? The tent is going that’s for sure.


Akiko and Ko chan were with me for the whole first 9km to Cape Hedo where I had my first stop. Akiko ran with me almost all the way with the dogs pulling her along. As I pulled in there were a heap of motorbikes as it is Sunday and they are all out doing a 100km/h + in a 50 zone and they all came over and said hi. The cart is a crowd puller that’s for sure, I can’t not push it to be honest. Japanese people are a little shy but the cart gets them over quick as, especially with an ugly kiwi pushing it. haha


Then I was on my own had the tunes going to take my mind off what I have got myself into, but the sun was out and I was turning a nice shade of red by 9.30am, so nothing to complain about. I think by the look of this turtle sign they knew I was coming.

As I made my way along the road, which was right beside the ocean, I took heaps of photos and had to have rests every 40 odd minutes, I am in no rush and just want to make it everyday and not get injured.



Had a few people stop and say hi, on bikes and cars, got a can of coke from one old man which was great, good timing too I must say. Cheers bro. Also a huge thank you to Fukuda san, he met me twice along the way and stopped for a chat. Nice to meet you.

As I crusied along not really thinking about the time but then noticed I was pretty damn slow, but was still going strong even if the body was saying “hey bro Im pretty tired.”

I made it to my guest house at 5pm which is a bit later than I wanted but still sweet.

Checked in and straight to have a feed, shower and do some stretches which I don’t normally do but this body is a tad (heaps) fat and way out of shape, so I’ll be doing them everyday twice I reckon.

Got some wicked calls from heaps of people which is awesome, I really need them and emails to keep me super positive and because I’m alone running for this first month.

As I got out of the shower I got a call from a lady Emi who I have met once at Daisy’s cafe a few days ago and she is working as a DJ in radio and she has lined up a station that wants to do a daily check in with me on where I am and what’s going on so that is just amazing news. That will help let everyone know what I’m doing. Maybe get some toots from the cars.

Here is the link to the map of my run today

So I’m ready for bed and will try to get myself ready to do it again tomorrow, 5km shorter tomorrow I think so that’s a good start.

Thanks heaps for everyones mails, love and smiles to you all.


5 thoughts on “Day 1: Oku school to Haneji school

  1. Hey jup, good to see the first day is out of the way!, It looked hot from the pictures….Go steady for the first few days, build up them miles buddy. Great to read this thread, it is super positive to follow and totally inspirational. Were all behind you mate..

  2. Hey Jup, Great to see your making fine progress mate…Dont worry about big distances for the first week or two just get into a rythym mate. Awesome scenery in Japan and im loving the blog, which is great to check out after a hard days work in the UK! Great progress and great attitude. keep up the good work. As we are 9 hrs behind you, what time is a good time to call you when you are running? Ive got a cheap predial that i use for abroad numbers, thats free for you and cheap for me!

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