31st March – Day before start

Got to have a sleep in today as I had to wait for my shirts and gear to arrive from New Balance. So just chilled at Kerama guest house and talked to everyone. It arrived at 11am and we were packed and off driving to Oku village by 12:20pm.

I had my rental car and wanted to use it to get to Oku, so that meant I needed a driver to bring it back. I asked around the backpackers and Mittsu chan and e chan offered to come – thanks so much. We cruised up the highway in the rain just hoping that tomorrow would be better, and as we got closer to the start out came the sun. Positive thinking always works.

We stopped and had a great lunch at this soba place, a huge feed for nothing, so cheap and yummy.

Then we went to a couple of islands. Even though it was windy and not super sunny it was still beautiful.


From Kouri and Yagaji Islands we went north to Cape Hedo which is the most northern point on Okinawa. I love it here – such an awesome spot.


It was a fun trip up with my crazy Japanese team. We only met 3 days ago and for them to come all this way is so awesome.

We arrived in Oku and I settled into my home for the night. Got the buggy set up and before it got dark we went and got some food for dinner and tomorrow’s run. Then Mittsu chan and e chan went back 3 hrs to Naha as they had work tonight.

I cruised past the school where I will start which is right beside my house. Couldn’t be any better, no rushing around in the morning. There are 6 students at this school, I think they are coming to meet me in the morning.

I’m repacking my things and making sure I don’t have too much stuff. Don’t want the buggy to be too heavy, we have a long way to go together.

Thank you everyone who has talked to me, wished me luck and talked to everyone they know, as we have started something here that I believe is going to something special. Keep spreading the word.

Sweet dreams

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