30th March – Naha

Well I’m down to 2 days to go and to think how far it has come in the last month is just amazing. I’m so stoked to see again what can happen when a lot of people come together and make an idea happen. Now I just gotta run and have fun every single day. I know I can do that easy.

Today I ran around sorted the last few things out that I need. I’m still waiting for a bit of gear to arrive from sponsors but it is slowly arriving. Today I got the logo banners that go on my buggy so I got them stuck on and it was great to see everyone’s reactions to it. It is definitely going to draw attention and get people talking which will help heaps.

 After me and Kai back in Inawashiro had made the cover fit perfectly it was now complete with the logos on it. I love it – now just hope the legs will be able to push it with my gear in it.



I then spent a couple of hours walking around Naha having a look as I hadn’t had a chance yet. Had an awesome Okinawa Udon lunch and talked with the old lady there, 78 yrs old and loving life. She and her mates do Ballet a couple of times a week which was great to hear. Lots of fun even just having lunch. I love talking to anyone I meet.

I then just hung out at the guest house and one of the girls, Kayo, who makes bands and sells them made me one. Her facebook is “Smile-links”. Go check her stuff out, they are great. Thanks so much Kayo.


I have really enjoyed my little stay here at Kerama Guest house, if you ever come to Okinawa you gotta stay here.

Their link is http://www.guesthouse-okinawa.com/

Thanks so much to manager Shohei and his awesome staff.

One day to go, I have a heap of gear turning up tomorrow morning and we are off to Oku at lunchtime, to start running.

Nite Nite

2 thoughts on “30th March – Naha

  1. Jup,

    good luck with your start tomorrow!
    How can we get in touch with you/how can we find you to join you for some miles when passing through?

    Felix from Nagoya

    • HI Felix, my number is 08060538565, give me a call anytime, check out when Im getting to Nagoya and give me a call a couple of days before and we can sort a place and time to meet, easy as. thanks so much for you support, get a team of you to come, awesome!!!!

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