Driving Okinawa – 29th March

After a great night meeting new friends and just chilling, which I haven’t done much since getting to Japan 3 weeks ago, I can’t believe how much has happened in such a short time. I have the best friends and everyone I have come to meet has been amazing and I think we have the makings of something really special here. I hope so or I will be just a funny looking foreign guy running up the road pushing a pram.

I headed north to Oku a little village at the top. I had no idea what it would be like, and as I found the school (which I had only seen on Google maps) I knew that I had picked a great place to start my run from. I love the little towns and the people are super nice. As I walked around thinking is there going to be a hotel or room I can sleep in here, I met a man in his garden. I told him about what I was going to do and he then hooked me up a room at his house and was on the phone calling the local PTA lady. Aki worked at the town office and while we chatted about my idea she was stoked to hear I wanted to get the 6 kids to come to the start. Yep there is only 6 kids at the school, and it is big enough for 150 kids, a classroom each. Can’t wait to meet them on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

Here are some shots from up at Cape Hedo which is the most northern point. Check out  the bird which is made into a lookout.




  As you can see I had awesome weather too.

I then drove the course I will be running searching for hotels and making sure I kinda knew where I was going.

It took me the whole day to do it and I arrived back to Naha about 6:30pm,  just in time to go to the radio station. I had been invited to be a guest on the Jujumo show. A couple of beautiful people who are married named Erina and Makoto Maruyama host an hour show on FM Toyomi radio here in Okinawa which also goes out to other parts of Japan. They have a huge following too so I was super lucky to get a chance to say hi. It was a live show and heaps of fun, they also had it streaming live so a few mates could watch as well. I got to meet heaps of others including Takuji Okada who has just released a book and is holding a big music festival here on the island on the 7th and 8th. I so wish I could have been here for it, music and dancing in the jungle overlooking the ocean is what I love to do, so will have to be back next year for it.




Thank you so much Jujumo for the awesome time and helping me get the word out. Love ya’s xx

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