25th March – Inawashiro-Numazu

After a busy couple of days packing everything I was finally off and driving south. I said goodbye to the guys at work and got some directions to Numazu where I was heading. They said 400kms and 5 hours, so I was off at 8:30am as I had a meeting with the Numazu town office team. When I left it was cold and had some fresh snow.

They are keen to help out and maybe get some people to come join me when I run into town. Numazu I’m told is a real sporty town and with Mt Fuji on one side and the sea on the other I can understand why. I couldn’t get a nice photo of Mt Fuji today but will tomorrow. Sorry.

I got stuck in a traffic jam for 1.5 hours in a tunnel which wasn’t the best, and just made it to the meeting in time. Great guys and super keen to help. I will have a day off here so will be able to enjoy whatever they think of.

I also have a good friend Aika and her son Reece here. Aika took me out and showed me the awesome seafood restaurants that you can find in Numazu. Damn it was good, fresh as!!!


Tomorrow I’m off to Hiroshima and its 700km, so a long day ahead. I’ll be dropping the van off there and flying down to Okinawa. I’ll explain why tomorrow.

Today’s drive south heading for Hiroshima and then Okinawa, click on this link.    http://g.co/maps/avngw

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