25th March

Today I spent the day sorting my gear out and making sure I didn’t take anything I really don’t need. I got to get it inside my buggy so there was a lots of chopping and changing going on. It’s going to be nice and warm in Okinawa at the bottom of Japan so even though it was snowing here today it is a nice 20 odd degrees down there.

I also went around and said goodbye to everyone here and let them know I’ll be back on June 3rd. There is a 10km Marathon run over the ski field and I’m going to go in it. They have a little series of runs and this one is the last of 7. The first is run in the snow at one of the fields and they go to 5 different fields to do them. Should be a fun day. Of course I would have run 20kms that morning to get here, so might not be fun for me 🙂

The van is packed and I’m ready to start the 15hr drive south to Hiroshima tomorrow. Ill leave at 8am and tomorrow I’ll make it to Numazu. Going to spilt the drive up over 2 days. Numazu is right below Mt Fuji so I hope it’s a nice day there. Check it out for when I come back as I’ll be climbing up it on the way back.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me get ready, I couldn’t have done it without you.

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