20th-24th March

I left Tokyo after a great week to head back to my work place and home in Inawashiro, Fukushima.

I have been coming here for the last 7 years helping at the Mogul ski world cup competition. I love been here and the group of people I work with are just amazing. They have made me feel at home every time I come back and it’s always like I have never left.

So it was great to get back and relax, even if it was only for a minute, before I had to shoot off to Fukushima city to meet with Jun san. Jun does the sound and MCing for the world cup. He and his company Zun are my Van sponsors – they have given me a van for 3 months, a huge help to making it a bit easier to get our gear around. Check out the new wheels…

Thank you so much Jun and your awesome team.


So now with wheels I could sort out what gear I can take and what not to. Even though I have a van the funny thing is that I don’t have a driver yet, haha same as NZ. Funny to think that something so different and in another world can come down to the week before, and everything has happened almost exactly the same and in the same order. Maybe it is just the way that I think and do things that this happens, or if this is the way these charity events go. Whatever it is I must say I have not once really worried about if it is ever going to work out, come to life and be a success. I dont like to think like that in my life and maybe that helps, I always have a good feeling that it will happen if it is supposed to, and if the way I think it should go doesn’t work out then it wasn’t the right way.

Just keeping happy and letting things happen as they do, I know that it will be super awesome. Thank you all for helping my funny dreams and way of life happen the way it does. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I had the buggy sent here and me and Kai san made it up and then got to work on redesigning the rain cover I had bought, it was just to be put over the cart and left in the garage but I wanted it to be a slimline cover that could be left on and protect my gear from the weather I would have along the way. We basically cut it up and and changed it, and to be honest it is heaps better. Kai san is a machine when it comes to making things out of nothing and we did a great job here.



Kai has also helped get my logos printed up super fast after me and Masuda san (legend) have been sitting in front of the computer chopping and changing the logos around to make them look good. We will have them on the top and side of the buggy. Masuda san, thank you so so much for putting in so much time and not getting upset when I say oh can we just change that too please. Honto ni arigatou.

I know that this will work and be fun because I have been getting so many calls and emails from people I have never met. People talk and to be honest it is the best way to spread the word. You tell one, and they tell one, and before you know it you have an awesome network, because whoever is here and helping make it happen is here because they believe in it and want to help, and for me I can’t ask for anything else.

I had some great news and we will have a write up in the “Outdoor Japan” spring magazine  which is owned by Gardner, a mate of a guy Rob who I also have not met yet, but I feel like both guys have been my friends for years. They both have been busy helping spread the word into their amazing networks. Thank you both so much. I really look forward to meeting you both soon for a beer.

    check out their website at  http://outdoorjapan.com/

I told you about Miki yesterday well her friend Yuko is in and helping design a poster to put up in some hostels around Tokyo. Again I have never met Yuko but she sounds great and is doing an amazing job for someone she doesn’t even know apart from a phone call and a few emails. Whoever thinks they are alone, you are not. The world is so awesome and full of great people just waiting to be a friend to someone. Thanks so much Miki and Yuko.

I didn’t know anyone in the south of Japan until 2 day ago, and now I have some places to stay and a few groups who are going to join me. I couldn’t be any happier.

I love to travel and to be this close to a big adventure like this, even though I might be running as means of transport, just means there is going to be so much more of the unknown and I really like that in my world. I know that the Japanese people and new friends will make this some of the best 3 months I have ever had.

Lets see what tomorrow will bring. Nite all.

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