Thanks for dropping by to met the awesome people and places that are making my life so much fun. Can't wait until I get to met you too. Click on the photos below to read my blog updates.
  • milf 4

    MILF Sunglasses – My new support

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  • IMG_4568

    Donation giving trip to Tohoku Area Japan.

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  • IMG_4325

    Canada and US trip for Run For Tomorrow run.

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  • IMG_4031

    Wales ,England and Sweden trip for R4T

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  • DSC_0920

    Virgin London marathon 2013

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  • IMG_3806

    Work at a couple of ski comps

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  • IMG_3741

    Back to Japan for the winter

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  • r4t route

    RUN FOR TOMORROW – Running around the world

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  • IMG_0130

    Western Australia to work in the desert

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  • IMG_4812

    Back home to New Zealand

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